Where the setting or your venue allows, a properly tuned grand piano makes its mark; there is nothing else like it. However, where space and budget is limited, the alternative is a flagship digital piano keyboard and the Roland XV-88 will not disappoint. For popular music gigs, theatre pit orchestras and a situation where either modern sounds and/or orchestral backups are required, appropriate synthesiser keyboard(s) can be selected.


Chris is experienced in balancing the keyboard sound within any orchestral context; examples include augmenting the sound of a small string section or supplying additional lines and support to woodwind, brass or percussion as required.


For that authentic sound of pop and rock, professional keyboards always include samples of Hammond/ Farfisa organs, Rhodes /Wurlitzer electric pianos and other combinations - for the original sounds from pop records from the 70's to the 90's, look to the vintage synthesisers such as the D-50 or Dx7 for the 'real-deal'.


For those unique synthesised sounds, Chris is able to program the XV-88 and D-50 to a fine degree to get what you require!





Chris uses Yamaha and Roland keyboards, Samson and Torque amplification and various mixers (Soundcraft / Phonic) as required.

Chris is delighted to play a grand piano where possible and appropriately tuned!

 Full digital piano keyboard as alternative - Roland XV-88


Synthesiser keyboard - Yamaha MM6


Synthesiser Keyboard - Roland JV-80


Vintage Synthesiser Keyboard - Roland D-50


Vintage synthesiser keyboard - Yamaha DX7-S